Walk With Me

A brisk walk through Mount Pleasant/Columbia Heights

The first of the new banished? footsteps series, Walk With Me takes you on a brisk tour of the Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods in Washington, DC. Immerse yourself in the three stories of people who call this neighborhood home and be woven into the fabric of a living urban art adventure.

To launch this series, we organized a mass-walk of Walk With Me on Dec 12, 2010 at 12:00noon and 3:00pm. In partnership with the Mt. Pleasant Temporium (3068 Mt. Pleasant St NW), we also organized a mass-walk on Feb 27 & Mar 6, 2011 at 11:00am

More about the experience

###Follow these Steps to experience a self-guided version of Walk With Me

Starting point: Columbia Heights MetroNorth-bound side exit of 14th Street NW (in front of the BB&T Bank) Please note: This is not a historical or guided walk.

Step 1: Download the package (Click here)

The Walk With Me package will contain 3 tracks (mp3s), and a map. Drop the three mp3 files into iTunes or your preferred music app and and make sure the tracks end up in your ipod/mp3 player. Take a listen to Track 1 before taking the walk. It will give you a chance to set your volume and direct you to the starting point of the walk.

TIP: Make sure that you can also hear the surrounding sounds in real life.

Step 2: Print the map

Read the directions, and note where you need to be crossing, as indicated on the map.

TIP: Being able to mentally place yourself geographically before you walk, will take the work out for you, and allow you to enjoy the audiowalk more. Please remember to cross safely!

Step 3: Now you’re ready to walk! (Grab a pair of comfy shoes!)

Since everyone has their own walking pace, you’d definitely need to make this walk your own by pausing, especially when crossing busy streets even re-winding where you need to.

TIP 1: If using a smartphone, make sure that you switch it to the Airplane Mode for the duration of the walk. This way, your calls and texts won’t disrupt the audiowalk.

TIP 2: Needless to say, pick a nice day. If walking with a friend, make sure you each have a map. Keep an eye out for each other but know that you may be out of synch so be ready to walk independently and be immersed in your own experience.

**Step 4: Walking Comments **

Share your experience by tweeting us before or after the walk, sending us pictures of you walking, or use the comment feature below. We’d love to hear back from you, and know what your walk was like.

A safety note from b?p! As always, please practice road safety, and cross streets carefully. Be sure to pause if you need, and be aware of your surroundings always. banished? productions cannot be held liable for any accidents that may happen to you on this walk.

This is a past event. See archived show information


“…won’t be the typical, linear experience of staring at buildings while hearing about history.” – Washington Post

Artistic Collaborators

Carmen C. Wong

Concept & Director

Niell DuVal

Producer & Cartography

Alex Clark

Audio Engineer & Sound Design

Logan Hartsell

Audio Engineer & Sound Design

Karol Urban

Recordist & Editor

Voices by

Gerson A. Gomez

Molly Kelly

Sarah Mosbacher

Marisa Uchin

William M. Washington

Many thanks to

DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities

Young Artist Program

Amy Cesal

Graphic Designer

Ruth Gomez

Daniel Harris

Barrett Jones

Melissa Krodman

Joseph Price

Otis Ramzey-Zoe

Jessica Seo

Anna Smith

Samantha Vick-McGill