My Comic Valentine

pre-code sauciness in a living comic book

Based on actual comic book stories from over fifty years ago, My Comic Valentine examines the culture and values of the early ’50s through a contemporary lens, challenging conservative stereotypes and affirming universal truths in the never-ending search for true love. A living comic book with all the elements, from cover to cover including the ads and letters, My Comic Valentine brings heart, humor and sheer pre-code sauciness to THE SHOP at Fort Fringe in four-color splendor.

This is a past event. See archived show information

2010 The Shop at Fort Fringe Performances

WE 2/11: 8:00pm (Pay What You Can Preview)

TH 2/12: 8:00pm

FR 2/13: 8:00pm & 10:00pm (“Unlucky in Love” open mic session following 10pm show)

SA 2/14: 8:00pm & 10:00pm (“Sweet Nothings” Valentine Soiree following 10pm show)

SU 2/15: 3:00pm


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Artistic Collaborators

Lane Pianta

Director, Producer and Concept

Carmen Wong

Director and Producer

Levia Lew

Set & Lighting Design, Sound Assistance

Niell DuVal

Set and Props, Board Op

Glynnis Vance

Costume Assistance

Emmett Williams

Video Assistance

Melissa Krodman


Joseph Price

Graphics and Webmaster


Bridget Garwood

Paul Horan

Jasmin Johnson

Chris Keener

Melissa Krodman

Jennie Lutz

Lisa Margarita Nadal