Greenwood Follies

and other Old French plays

Greenwood Follies & Other Old French Plays featured the world premiere of three 13th century comedies translated by John DuVal, a nationally acclaimed poet and French scholar who was awarded an NEA grant for his research and translation of Adam de la Halle’s Greenwood Follies, one of the readings in this festival. The two other plays read were The Miracle of Theophile, and an excerpt from The Play of Adam. Published as the collection “From Adam to Adam: Seven Old French Plays”, these English translations of a variety of medieval street drama sparkle with humor and poignancy and are wonderfully accessible to a modern audience. John DuVal honored the event by introducing these plays.

This is a past event. See archived show information

One night only:

MO 10/17/2005 at 7:00pm (Free to the Public)


Press Release


Posters and copies of the book “From Adam to Adam: Seven Old French Plays” (co-authored by John DuVal and Raymond Eichmann) from which the readings are culled, were available for sale by Pegasus Press.

Artistic Collaborators

Niell DuVal


Carmen C. Wong


Andrew Grosso


John DuVal



Michael John Casey

Ted Feldman

John Lescault

Hugh Nees

Jennifer Mendenhall

Paul Whitthorne

Many thanks to

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities