Tactile Anacostia Workshop

edible stories performed and preserved

The Tactile Anacostia-Workshop series preserves the food stories of residents in Anacostia and neighboring Ward 8. After meeting and interviews, specific food activities were selected to exhibit and celebrate some of the food stories collected. Neighbors were invited to help create ephemeral art, perform, taste or take home these Anacostia-grown edible stories that they have collectively preserved. The workshops were presented as part of the Lumen8Anacostia Festival.

Artistic Collaborators

Carmen C. Wong

Concept and Artist

Niell DuVal

Bench Fabricator

Nguyen Khoi Nguyen

Video Artist

Rick Franklin


Elsabe Dixon, Jue Yang, Linsay Deming, Alyssa Schimmel, Sorane Yamahira


Carina Gervacio

Food and Concept Assistance

Levita Mondie

Food Assistance

Many thanks to

Ward 7 and 8 Neighbors

Amber Robles Gordon

Curatorial Support

Juliana Mascelli

Project Support

Rajan Sendalia

Beth Ferraro

Jeff Herrell

Nikki Peele

Terry Scott

Kate Taylor Davis

ARCH Development Corporation