A Tactile Dinner

a synæsthetic experience in seven-courses inspired by the Futurists

“This is no show, it is an experience, and one I exhort you not to miss.” – Washington City Paper

Viva la degustacione! Marking the 100th anniversary of Futurism, banished? productions cordially invites everyone to celebrate the passé-ist glory of Futurist degustation: a tactile seven-course “meal” of gastronomic revolution! Pasta Prohibited! This performance debuted at the 2009 Capital Fringe Festival.

More about the experience

The Menu at Emmaus

Course 1: Polyrhythmic Salad

Course 2: Aural Sensations

Course 3: Aerofood

Course 4: Magic Food

Course 5: Visual Nutrients

Course 6: Totalrice

Course 7: Tactile Vegetable Garden


This is a past event. See archived show information

2009 Capital Fringe Performances

SA 7/11: 7:00pm & 9:15pm

SU 7/12: 3:00pm, 6:15pm & 8:15pm

MO 7/13: 7:30pm

SU 7/19: 4:00pm & 7:30pm

MO 7/20: 7:00pm & 9:00pm (extended)

$15 plus $5 suggested gratuity

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Other Reviews

“As experiential theater goes, this effort, by the D.C.-based banished? productions and artistic director Carmen C. Wong makes for a giddy little refreshment.” – Washington Post

“A “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of show… that reawakens the senses of its audience. – We Love DC

Artistic Collaborators

Carmen C. Wong

Direction and Concept

Niell DuVal

Technical Director and Props

Levia Lew

Set and Lighting Design

Samantha Vick-McGill

Chef and Costume Assistance

Josh Hermias


Timothy Ball

Machine Mechanic

Sean Hennessy

Serving Ware

Marie Schneggenberger

Costume Advisor

Zach Schlappi

Pasta for Victory


Mystery in the Kitchen


Emma Campbell


Stephanie Davio

Costume Assistance & Servertron

Ken Hays


Melissa Krodman

Choreography & Servertron

Carrie Monger

Choreography & Servertron

Otis Ramsey-Zöe

Dramaturgy Assistance & Servertron

Jessica Seo


Emmett Williams

Videography, Music & Servertron

Many thanks to

Alli Bailey

Marketing and Press Contact

Amy Cesal

Graphic Designer

Joseph Price

Box-Office Manager

Yvonne Reyes

Craft Services

Alex Padro

Shaw Main Streets

Emmaus Services for the Aging

Laura Kellner


Chesapeake Greenhouse

Garner’s Produce

Reid’s Orchards & Winery

Smallwood’s Veggieporium

Spiral Path Farm

Industrial Truck Association

Duplex Diner

Vegetate Restaurant

Timor Bodega

Anna Blasco

Stacey Carlberg

Sarah Lengyel

Robin Shuster