A Tactile Dinner (at Long View)

A 15 course-meal for the senses at Long View Gallery

“It manages the rare trick in avant-garde performance of not taking itself too seriously, of embracing the audience rather than intentionally alienating it: think Top Chef hosted by Stephen Colbert.” – ReadySetDC

The 2009 Capfringe hit is back – this time with an Italian Aperitivo and 15 indulgent omnivorous “courses” at Long View Gallery.

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The Menu for Long View Gallery

Course 1: Meowinetti Mix

Course 2: Stung

Course 3: Prelude to Flavors

Course 4: Polyrhythmic Salad

Course 5: Sweet & Strong

Course 6: Milk

Course 7: Perfected Pizza

Course 8: Total Rustic

Course 9: Centered

Course 10: Mystery Meatball Machine

Course 11: Touch/Taste

Course 12: Rations

Course 13: Excited Bite

Course 14: Battaglia

Course 15: War Rocks

This is a past event. See archived show information

2010 Long View Gallery Performances

SU 5/16: 5:00pm & 7:30pm

MO 5/17: 7:00pm & 9:30pm

$45 plus $5 suggested gratuity

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Other Reviews

“This daringly interactive, philosophically pungent, meal-like extravaganza is designed to spatula audiences out of their comfort zones — theatrical and gustatory — and instill a new appreciation of sensory experience.” – The Washington Post

Artistic Collaborators

Carmen C. Wong

Direction and Concept

Niell DuVal

Technical Director and Props

Susie Pamudji

Production Manager

Ayodamola Okunseinde


Samantha Vick-McGill

Head Chef & Costume Assistance

Lisa Hviding


Greg Grillot

Sous Chef and Candy Maker

Glynnis Vance

Costume Consultant

Karol Urban

Audio Design

Chebonne Littlefield

Meowinetti Mix


Mystery in the Kitchen


Stephanie Davio

Costume Assistance & Head Servertron

Ken Hays


Melissa Krodman

Choreography & Servertron

Carrie Monger

Choreography & Servertron

Otis Ramsey-Zöe

Dramaturgy Assistance & Servertron

Many thanks to

Alex Fawcett & Wanchun Wu

Production Assistants

Meiyu Tsung

Marketing and Press Contact

Amy Cesal

Graphic Designer

Joseph Price

Box-Office Manager

Laura Kellner


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